Laughing at a Blind Man because of his Blindness

I was at Danny on Douglas in Elgin, Illinois on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 to preform my comedy routine. Usually on Tuesday’s at Danny’s on Douglas is open mic night. But that night there was a campaign party for Elgin Mayor David Kaptain. I was still invited to preform but my experience with the people of the campaign at Danny’s that night was the some of the most discriminating words I have heard in a long time.

Friends of the Elgin Mayor David Kaptain were laughing at my dark sunglasses that I wear to my eyes that have been removed from cancer. Friends of the Elgin Mayor David Kaptain were laughing at me when I ran into a door because I have no eyes from cancer. I can continue to go on about how I was laughed at and how these friends of the campaign spoke about me in such a way that would social justice to a shame.

Good for you friends of the Elgin Mayor David Kaptain at Danny’s on Douglas on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 you made fun of a blind man that has cancer.

Welcome Spring!

Andrew had his 3 month check- up visit to Dr. Shapiro last week during spring break. Dr. Shapiro has successfully treated Andrew’s RB since he was one month old. Andrew just turned 8 years old in February and every birthday Andrew has a less of a chance his RB will return. Andrew’s check-up went great! His seven tumors in his eyes remain “dead” and there is no signs of new tumors. Dr. Shapiro commented on Andrew’s ability to sit through an adult exam of his eyes. We are very proud of Andrew! Andrew is a bi-lateral RB cancer survivor with 20/20 vision. Andrew is the most successful case of RB.

WATCH IT HERE – “Inside The Bears” covers Andrew’s fight against Rb – January 11

What a wonderful piece by “Inside The Bears” anchor/reporter Lyndsay Petruny!! The segment aired yesterday and will air again today twice (tonight locally on FOX/WFLD at 10:35). Thanks to everybody at the show and the entire Chicago Bears organization for helping bring awareness to fighting and living with Rb. Click on the TV below and visit the “Inside The Bears” website to watch the story.


Favorite Young and Brave – November 21, 2014

Andrew Spencer in the recovery room.

Andrew Spencer in the recovery room after one of his dozens of surgeries to keep retinoblastoma at bay.


Andrew’s cancer is in remission because of early detection and multiple surgeries. The course to beating retinoblastoma is incredibly difficult for a child. Yet  unlike the standard prognosis of a decade ago, it is not only possible to survive retinoblastoma today, but avoid blindness too. BeyondRB’s mission is to develop awareness of this deadly disease, help victims and their families, and fund research to develop an early-detection program.

This video was recorded during one of Andrew’s approximately 40 retinoblastoma surgical treatments.

A video interview with founder Tim Spencer

Tim and Andrew SpencerThe possibility that Tim and Heather’s child would inherit retinoblastoma from Tim became a reality with Andrew was born in February 2007.  There was a short period of sadness. Then came the realization that because of their experience battling Tim’s cancer,  they were the perfect parents to help Andrew fight this disease, giving him the best chance to lead a normal life. Today, Andrew has been cancer-free for over three years. The irony of course is that had it not been for Tim’s affliction, there would have been little chance Andrew would have undergone the early-detection procedure for retinoblastoma. One of BeyondRB’s goals is to fund research to develop an easy, affordable early-detection program.