Illinois recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, HR 0759

HR0759, Illinois recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by House Sponsors Rep. Michelle Mussman
Human Services Committee Hearing Apr 5 2016 8:00AM Stratton Building Room C-1 Springfield, IL – House Committee Amendment 1

Andrew Qualifies for Central Zones Swim Meet 1/17/16

Andrew has defied everyone’s expectations as of Sunday.  He had his mind set on making Central Zones time for the 50 back stroke on Sunday night during finals at the 37th Annual Speedo Winter Splash.  Andrew made it with a time of 33.98!  We were told this is very unusual accomplishment for an 8 year old!  Also, Andrew is considered one of the top ten swimmers in the United States, as an eight year old.

Central Zone is one of the four zones of USA Swimming. The Local Swimming Committees that are part of the Central Zone are Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Lake Erie, Michigan, Midwestern, Minnesota, Missouri Valley, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ozark, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Watch Andrew’s 50 back stroke event here

Andrew Swimming @ Illinois Regionals 7.18

Andrew Spencer has had success in the past with NFL Punt, Pass & Kick.  Now Andrew is having success with his competitive swim team the Palatine Park District (PPD) Tiger Sharks.  This past July 17th weekend, Andrew swam at the Illinois Regional Swim Meet in his qualified events of 50 back, 100 back & relays.

Andrew’s relay teams place 4th in the 200 medley relay & 200 free relay.  Andrew placed 14th in the 50 back & he said he was very nervous.  On Sunday, Andrew was able to calm his nerves & placed 8th in the 100 back stroke!  See picture below with Andrew & his 8th place medal.

Andrew was selected to swim in the 200 free relay & 200 medley relay at the Illinois State Age Group Swim Meet for PPD Thursday & Friday in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  Andrew’s relay will start just after 2 p.m. on Thursday & Friday.  The swim meet will be webcast live, here is the link:


8th Place 100 Back Illinois Regionals July 2015

July 4th (Yes, the post is late!) 7.9.15

Tim, Heather, Andrew & Uncle Scott went to the Cubs game on July 4th.  It was nothing but unbelievable!  The “new” stadium is looking great but still has the touches of the “old” stadium (my wife describes it to me!).  The Cubs won (you may view my victory dance)!!!!   But, the fireworks shows show after the game was loud for me, but amazing for everyone else.  Click here, to View Tim dancing over the Cubs win! (side view)


Andrew, Heather, Tim & Uncle Scott

  Andrew, Heather, Tim & Uncle Scott

Andrew looking over Wrigley Field

Andrew looking over Wrigley Field