Tim Spencer was born with bilateral retinoblastoma and had his first eye removed at age two. At the insistence of his father, doctors were able to save his remaining eye which provided vision (although ever decreasing) for roughly 30 more years. Recently his second eye was removed due to residual effects of early radiation. Treatments now are more advanced and it is Tim’s hope to help as many children with retinoblastoma as possible.

I am experienced working with people with intellectual disabilities and visual impairments. My goal is to save the lives of children with retinoblastoma and to help them preserve their eyesight. My hope is that every child with retinoblastoma, including my 7-year old son Andrew, can have inspiring experiences similar to mine, such as seeing Walter Payton run, Michael Jordan score and Ryne Sandberg double to the opposite field with runners on base. I also want them to see the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate bridge and other marvels from around the world.

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